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We manage our own Fraud Prevention System at the moment and work with American Express, Discover, Ethoca and Verifi CDRN partners for interception of Chargebacks. Retrieval Requests and Sales Drafts are also treated in house helping businesses keep up with them. The Rip off complaints, Better Business bureaus and Attorney Generals Complains. An Overall protection to the business, its dbas and account is a must !

​Chargeback Prevention Notifications

​Includes, receiving, resolving the alert, responding it back and to get a favorable outcome. ​

Category1: Scanned/emailed/faxed sales draft requests to Merchant.
Category2: Discover and American Express chargeback prevention notifications.
Category3: Ethoca fraud reason chargeback prevention notifications.
Category4: Better Business Bureau, attorney generals’ offices, anti-fraud consumer complaints and consumer direct complaints.
Category5: Processing company's pre-chargeback retrieval requests.
Category6: Verifi CDRN true reason chargeback prevention notifications.

Chargeback shield

Chargebacks Representments Services

Our system is compatible with 70% of the Acquirers, Processing Companies, Gateways If not connected already, the IT team will get it done in 48 hours. Chargeback Expertz , We do everything for you. Speaking with the risk, Getting things done, any funding issue, delay in reserves ,etc are all handled by Chargeback Expertz . It really sets us apart from the others.

tick Track down a dispute in real-time.
tick Take pro-active approach
tick Receive notifications as soon as disputes are reported by the consumer.
tick Periodical information regarding banks and credit cards mostly used in Fraudulent Transactions.
tick Detailed reporting about the Dispute cases managed and expected date of closure.

Chargebacks Management System

In-depth analysis and 5 days of integration with all banks, processors and gateway companies.

Weekly and Monthly Service Reports

Customer Service​
​Includes ​Inbound calls, outbound calls, monitored email support and processing of returns​ and Bank/Chargeback Calls​.

Monthly Risk Management Meetings​

Reconciliation and Back Office Services
Includes,​speaking with the risk, processing statements, descriptor changes, gateway issues, any funding issue, delay in reserves.

Chargeback managment


Chargeback Expertz works with the merchants, bank requirements, processors requirements and in sync with the changing system. In the last 4 years working with over 200 processing companies and acquirers, Chargeback Expertz knows the moment things change. We have experience team in place for risk, reports, chargeback , alerts etc.We provide a pro active approach and real time reports to advice whats going on. Analysis of the accounts and trends of sales/refunds/chargebacks can be seen at all times to monitor risk and control growth.Chargeback Expertz receives within real time, refunds/resolves and responds to the Active Chargeback as soon as disputes are reported by the consumer. Businesses can see see real time new chargebacks, reports, their working and verdicts. If the chargeback was reversed in favour, with a date and amount , if refused reason of the loss will be mentioned.


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